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El Nasr Pharma is a leading company in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Established in 1939 by the renowned economist Talaat Harb, it was further developed by the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1959. With over seventy-five years of outstanding contribution and a unique legacy in drug manufacturing, El Nasr Pharma is committed to maintaining its leadership position within the business sector and its affiliation with the Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals.

The company’s objective is to produce high-quality, safe, and effective pharmaceuticals, paving the way for a bright future and global presence in 2020.

El Nasr Pharma produces approximately 120 pharmaceuticals, covering various therapeutic groups and pharmaceutical forms to address diverse illnesses.

Notably, the company specializes in manufacturing products for surgical procedures and the necessary anesthetic ampoules. It provides its customers with effective, safe, high-quality pharmaceuticals at reasonable prices, emphasizing customer satisfaction and prioritizing the improvement of patients’ health as its primary goal.

Distinguished as a pioneer, El Nasr Pharma stands out among other business sector companies with a dedicated factory for the production of beta-lactam products in sterile and non-sterile forms, including tablets, capsules, dry syrups, vials, and penams.

As the first business sector company, El Nasr Pharma implemented the Track & Trace system for drug tracking, ensuring the integrity of its products and protection against commercial fraud. It collaborates with the international numbering company GSI, leading the way in this aspect among the Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals subsidiaries.

El Nasr Pharma is the first business sector company to receive approval from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) to manufacture effervescent salt products.

The company not only adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and follows global health organizations like WHO, as well as international and local authorities like the Jordanian Ministry of Health (GFDA), but also pursues a policy of continuous quality improvement.

Currently transitioning from ISO 9001/2008 to meet the requirements of ISO 9001/2015 for quality system updates, El Nasr Pharma is also working towards obtaining ISO 14001/2015 for environmental qualification and updating the ISO 17025 certification, in addition to achieving ISO 45001/2018 for safety and occupational health.

To ensure quality, El Nasr Pharma focuses on the 4M & E factors: personnel, machines, materials, and modern scientific methods, as well as environmental conditions.

  • The company invests in human resource development through modern training courses offered by the Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical colleges, leadership preparation centers, and other training centers.
  • It ensures the availability of production materials and supplies from approved suppliers with GMP certification after evaluation and testing.
  • El Nasr Pharma employs modern analysis equipment and machines, such as liquid and gas chromatography devices.
  • The company uses state-of-the-art equipment, such as TruScan devices with Raman technology, to identify materials without opening the packages, achieving 100% accuracy.
  • El Nasr Pharma produces its pharmaceuticals in a safe environment for workers and products, with production taking place in globally classified, controlled areas regulating humidity, temperature, pressure differentials, and airspeed through modern devices like Building Management Systems (BMS). Access is restricted through changing rooms according to global zone classification.
  • El Nasr Pharma provides protective gear against noise, necessary eyewear, helmets, and protective shoes to ensure the safety of workers.

In addition to these measures, El Nasr Pharma fosters core values such as responsibility, teamwork, focus on creativity, and innovation.