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Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities focused on monitoring, assessing, understanding, and preventing damages resulting from medications and any other issues related to pharmaceuticals.

Adverse Effects

These are the accompanying damages associated with the use and circulation of drugs. Some are possible, some are rare, and among them are severe effects that may lead to death, disability, permanent impairment, or require medical intervention and hospitalization.

The pharmacovigilance system at Egypt Pharmaceuticals aims to continuously monitor and follow up on pharmaceutical products after their introduction to the market. This is done to ensure a balance between the benefits and risks of any pharmaceutical product through the evaluation of adverse effects. The severity of these adverse effects is determined, and such effects are reported to El Nasr Phamra

The Pharmacovigilance Department at Egypt Pharmaceuticals is responsible for training employees on how to report adverse effects associated with any pharmaceutical product produced by the company.

Our primary goal at Egypt Pharmaceuticals is to manufacture high-quality, safe, and effective pharmaceutical products.

“You can report any adverse effects or other issues related to El Nasr Phamra Pharmaceuticals’ products through:

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