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Calcimate 500 mg

  • Calcium  supplements
  • Capsules
  • 500 mg


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–  Composition and pharmaceutical forms :

  1. Calcimate capsules : each capsule contains 500 mg. calcium carbonate.
  2. Calcimate fort tablets : each tablet contains 1200 mg. calcium carbonate.

–  Indications :

  1. Calcimate capsules or tablets are used as a calcium supplement in case of calcium deficiency & hypocalcaemia , when dietary calcium intake is deficient. e.g :
    • In childhood, pregnancy and lactation due to increas demand and in old age due to impaired absorption.
    • In osteoprosis used as prophylaxis to prevent calcium loss in postmenopausal women.
    • Prevention of hypocalcemia in long-term electrolyte replacement therapy.
  2. Calcimate also, used as antacid rapidly acting.
  3. Calcimate used as a phosphate binders to control the hyperphosphataemia in patients with renal failure and does not promote aluminium absorption .
  4. Calcimate also, used to prevention and treatment of bone disease in dialysis patients.

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Oral solution


3 times daily


6.25 MG/5ML



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